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What is Coronavirus 5G Conspiracy Theory?  5G Towers Burned in Britain

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A theory related to 5G is going on regarding the coronavirus. Because of this, some 5G towers have been burnt by people in the UK and have also threatened broadband engineers.

  • 5G tower burned in Britain due to coronavirus-5G conspiracy theory
  • In Britain, people believe that due to the 5G signal coronavirus spreading
  • People are also saying that 5G affects the immune system

There are many types of conspiracy theories going on around the world regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19). Some say that this is the bio-weapon that China has made; so many people believe that it is happening because of 5G. In many places, the 5G concept theory is being more trusted and hundreds of such videos have been made on YouTube.


Mobile Towers are being Targeted

According to a Guardian report, last week some people set fire to 7 mobile towers in Birmingham, UK. Not only this, but some of those who believe in this theory have also even spoken abuses to Broadband Engineers. Even in this report, it has been said that they have been threatened.

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What is Coronavirus and 5G Conspiracy Theory?

There is a plethora of content on social media, instant messaging apps and YouTube where it is being told that due to 5G the coronavirus has spread. Talking about 5G, it is the 5th generation wireless communication technology with cellular data network support. It has been started for large scale trials in the last year 2019.


Two Types of Theories

Coronavirus and the 5G concept are of two types. However, such Facebook posts are being shared since late January. There are two sections that believe in this theory.

The first section claims that the immune system is weakened by 5G and in such a situation people fall prey to the virus. The second section, the section that shares this theory, believes that the virus is being transmitted through 5G technology.

The people, who believe in this understanding, broadly believe that due to the 5G signal, the coronavirus is increasing and now it has become an epidemic.


Scientists Call it ‘Rubbish’

According to a report, Dr. Simon Clarke, an associate professor of cellular microbiology, has said that both types of things are utter nonsense. They also say that 5G affects the immune system of the people, it would also be wrong to say.

Apart from these, many experts and scientists have also misunderstood this theory and said that nothing has been revealed so far to prove that 5G is the cause of the spread of coronavirus.

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