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World: A Country Where the Year 2012 is Still Going On

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While the year 2020 is going on worldwide, there is also a country where 2012 is still going on. Yes, you may be surprised to know this, but it is absolutely true. Not only is this, in this country there not 12 but 13 months in a year.

The name of this country is Ethiopia. Known as Africa’s second-most populous country, Ethiopia’s calendar trails seven years, three months behind the world. You will be surprised to know that the New Year is celebrated here not on January 1 but on September 11.

Actually, the Gregorian calendar, considered worldwide, began in the year 1582. Earlier the Julian calendar was used, but since the arrival of the Gregorian calendar, many countries that followed the Catholic Church accepted the new calendar, while many opposed it. These included Ethiopia. This is the reason that the calendar here is still stuck in the year 2012 itself.

A year of 12 months is generally considered, but the Ethiopian calendar consists of 13 months in a year. Of these, 12 months have 30 days, while the last i.e. the 13th month is only five or six days. This last month is called Pagume.


You’d be surprised to know that Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that has its own script, while all the other countries use the Roman script to write their own languages. The Geise script is used here. If Italy removed a small colonial period of five years on Ethiopia, it never ruled any colonial power. This is the reason that the local folk culture here is still intact.

You might not know, but among the places included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, most of the places are in Ethiopia. For example, the hottest place on Earth is ‘Dallol‘ in Ethiopia. There is always a temperature of 41 ° C.

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